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Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Article SEO- A Fast And Lazy Way To Get Traffic From Search Engines

Do you know that it takes more than a month to start getting traffic from the search engines? If you are experienced in SEO, you probably know that it takes time for you to build links and rank for a keyword. If you need traffic real fast from the search engines, is there a faster and lazier way?
Yes, there is. You can start with Article SEO. It is a good start!
First, you do a keyword research for
keywords which have more than 50 searches per day. Next, write an article with your keywords in your article title. Lastly, repeat your keywords around 10 times in your article and submit it to
Once the article is approved, people will get to reach the article on Google. People will read your article. If you created enough desire for them to click on the link and go to your blog, you’ll receive traffic from that article. Once you finish submitting an article, submit more! Write and submit 10 - 20 articles.
This strategy works because EzineArticles is an authority site. It is has PR6 for its main page and many high PR webpages on their website. When there’s a new article approved, they will show that article on their main page for a short while to get that page indexed fast. When the webpages with your article is indexed, it became searchable in the search engines and it will start to get traffic. Some high PR webpages from EzineArticles will also link to your article which allows you to get more traffic.
The downside of this strategy is not all the readers of your article will go to your blog. From my experience, I get an average of 200 or more people read my articles but only 40 – 60 people click on the link and come to my blog. Other readers might have gone to click on EzineArticles’ Ads or read other articles.
Try out this strategy and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is fun and easy. It probably takes you less than an hour.

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